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We snap every happy moment of our life to share it among friends and family. Mobiles are handy in these days than Digital cameras. So, we use unique mobile applications to snap images with the effects of  Digital cameras . Don’t you ever think that videos are more interactive than images to share a happy moments in life? You might have not came across any good application to satisfy your requirements. So, we have reviewed a simple video sharing application Vine for Android and iOS which lets us share life in motion.

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Vine is a freeware video capturing and sharing application available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It lets us share small looping videos in funny way which makes the videos interesting to see and enjoy. The features of Vine for Android and iOS operating systems are listed below.

Vine For Android And iOS:

Vine for android and ios

  • Vine app for Android lets us create small looping videos which can be shared on Vine profile.
  • The videos shared on our Vine profile appear on timelines of our Vine Followers. Thus, is acts as Social video sharing application.
  • Further, the Vine videos can be shared on respective Facebook and Twitter profiles as well.
  • The Vine application makes it easier to find your friends by accessing contacts on phone’s address book and your Twitter account. Moreover, you can invite people whom you would like to join with you via text message or Email.
  • The Explore section of the Vine app can be used to find, follow trending topics in the world.
  • There is no limit for video upload. Unlimited videos can be uploaded and shared for free of cost.

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Vine Video Features:

You may doubt, ‘Is there any way to edit videos recorded on vine before sharing ?’

Yes! We can edit videos before sharing them on your profile or social networking sites. After completion of the video, Vine displays an option of ‘Preview post’ where you can edit your video in desired way.

Further, you can make your videos private  which makes them visible only to your followers and other Vine users cannot even see the video publicly. The Comments and likes for a privately shared video is not permitted for every vine user. As said earlier, only Vine followers can comment or like the post.

What’s New In Version 1.4.1?

The Vine application recently received an update to 1.4.1 version which adds some more features to this freeware application.

The Vine camera works more efficiently with some more new features added in this new version.

Sessions – This feature lets you maintain up to 10 sessions at a time. Save a video and open a new session by clicking new icon at the bottom right corner of the vine camera.

Time Travel – This feature lets you edit your video at anytime by tapping green bar while recording or edit button while previewing the video after completion of recording. You can remove, reorganize or replace any shot at anytime in a video using Time Travel feature.

How To Get For Your Mobile ?

Currently, Vine is available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It is a freeware application which can be downloaded from respective app stores. Just install the application on your mobile, sign up with your Email address or sign in with your Twitter account and get started to find, follow and share videos with your friends and family.

Download Vine for Android OR iOS Here

Vine For Android      Vine For iOS

If you know any other Video creating and sharing application other than Vine, feel free to share your words in comments section. We will be glad to here from you.

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