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Since the Google Reader discontinuation, there’s been a explosion of numerous RSS reader applications for mobiles and web apps for computers. These apps satisfy the need of reading the feeds of your desired websites. The apps like Feedly, Pulse, Flipboard satisfy our need for feed reader. Throttle is one such application which is a bit different from them. Throttle is a Social RSS reader which lets us explore, read and share feeds of any website from any device.

Special Features Of  Throttle RSS Reader:

Throttle is designed with a simple light colored user interface which is a major requirement for a reading application. It can be accessed on PC or mobiles and tablets. The sorting features of throttle lets you organize all saved feeds into different groups. Further, the groups can be shared with friends via Social networking link up with Facebook and Twitter.

As said earlier, it is a Social RSS reader which lets us follow other groups or individual feeds registered with Throttle. And the Social media link up lets you share your feeds or other group feeds on social media profiles. We can import saved feeds on other applications to Throttle using OPML file import. The Discover feature of the Throttle lets us search for RSS feeds already registered with Throttle. In search results, you can subscribe for your desired RSS feeds or click ‘Random pickup’ to pick the feeds randomly from list of results.

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The more you share, the more exposure your feed gets. Share your feeds on throttle so that other users may find and subscribe for your feeds.

Snaps Of  Throttle Features:

Throttle iphone

throttle features

throttle for ipad

How Can I Access Throttle ?

Throttle is a Social RSS reader for all devices. It is web based application which can be accessed from any device without any special requirements other than internet access. To get started with the Throttle, you need to sign up with Facebook or Twitter account. Get Throttle and keep updated with all latest new via RSS feeds.

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If you know any other RSS reader other than Throttle, feel free to share your words in comment section. We will be glad to here from you.

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